Clean Laundry is a Business Consulting Firm that provides industry front-runners with tools that drive successful performance in business and sustainability.

About us

WHAT | Services

We offer tools that the drive performance in sustainability and business goals, of our clients. Compliance with the “Plan van aanpak”, REACH, ZDHC, BSCI, BEPI and European norms is only the start.

We connect our clients with a sustainable value chain, which includes our exclusive impact suppliers who create some of the most beautiful products in the world, and work with inherently sustainable practices.

Our impact consulting and implementation work is lead by our diverse impact team, to achieve business goals in sustainability. Packages include:

Sustainable Collection | Ethical Sourcing Programme | Impact Branding and Marketing | Compliance and Certification | Customized CSR and ESG reports.

The impact tools and projects that we implement are always tailored to the specific demands of your organization and brand.

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HOW | Creating value

We use impact analytics and practical strategy implementation within your project to develop your program and monitor your progress, to make the sustainability a driver in:

Compliance | Increasing efficiency | Building livelihood | Reducing waste and cost | Impact achievement in social media | Brand equity

Your team is trained to use these tools, in developing areas throughout your organization, creating value in your brand.

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WHO | The team

Our team has been hang-picked to drive analyze, advise, design, build and maintain impact programmes exclusive for brands and organizations.

With a diverse set of skills and portfolio of successful projects, our clients hire a team for one to several months at a time, or even on an annual basis to ensure continuity. Anything is possible: the team is employable on a weekly basis, for any desired period. Your specialist team then helps to develop your project and train your team from concept to fully functional CSR ESG programme, and beyond.

Specializations include: Analytics | Compliance | Branding and Marketing | Product Development | Production and Design | Ethical Sourcing | Chemicals | Water


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WHY | Our mission and vision

Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR) needs to work for all stakeholders. We know that our clients can have a broader positive impact in a way that adds value for them.

We believe in creating value for everyone including brands, suppliers, factory workers and farmers in clean and sustainable ecosystems. REAL impact adds value throughout the value chain.

To achieve this, we are rethinking the value chain with our inspirational clients.

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PARTNERS | Resources and Compliance

We work with various organizations and suppliers to source the best help in support of your custom CSR programme. Some of the standards and covenants that we are working with include:

Global Organic Textile Standard | Plan van aanpak | Textile and Apparel Covenant | Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme | Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) | Higg Index

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Book Inquiry | Introductions

Pleased to meet you. Would you like to know how we can help you structure your sustainability programme to benefit your business and stakeholders?

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