Clean Laundry is a Business Consulting Firm that provides industry front-runners with tools that drive successful performance in business and sustainability.

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We offer tools that the drive performance in sustainability and business goals, of our clients. Compliance with the “Plan van aanpak”, REACH, ZDHC, BSCI, BEPI and European norms is only the start.

We connect our clients with a sustainable value chain, which includes our exclusive impact suppliers who create some of the most beautiful products in the world, and work with inherently sustainable practices.

Our impact consulting and implementation work is lead by our diverse impact team, to achieve business goals in sustainability. Packages include:

Sustainable Collection | Ethical Sourcing Programme | Impact Branding and Marketing | Compliance and Certification | Customized CSR and ESG reports.

The impact tools and projects that we implement are always tailored to the specific demands of your organization and brand.

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