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CLEAN LAUNDRY IS THE LATEST development in sustainability tools at MDKW. The Clean Laundry is a set of on-line tools and coaching seminars to help Fashion & Lifestyle brands implement CSR and ESG into operations.

Tools include a supplier and brand matching process to make orders well without compromise:

  • CSR and ESG audits
  • Impact assessment
  • CSR measurement tools
  • Sustainable Design Thinking


  • Strategic compliance implementation plans:
    • Textile and Apparel Covenant
    • Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) Programme
    • Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH)

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MDKW MATCHES BRANDS WITH SUPPLIERS, to produce high-quality and high-service level CMT and components & trimming.
Low MOQ is available at transparent and realistic price scales. MDKW List Members produce:

  • Samples for approval
  • Low MOQ
  • Consistent service level
  • On time
  • On spec
  • On price for value
  • According to the MDKW Sustainable Impact Development Plan

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YOU JUST HIRED a Compliance Manager to take care of CSR and ESG for your brand. Compliance is serious business and demands accurate and updated knowledge of the industry requirements and regulations as well as partners and networks that are also working in compliance with the newest sustainability norms. MDKW hosts seminars and training programmes for two days at the end of each month:

BEGINNER TRAINING seminars are aimed at developing your talent’s skills as new-comers to this industry specialty

ADVANCED TRAINING seminars ensure your more experienced talent’s knowledge is up-to-date on the newest developments and regulation changes. Participants are also introduced to innovation thinking that helps them adapt and respond to daily challenges in implementing sustainability effectively.


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A NEW CIRCULAR WAY OF LOOKING AT INDUSTRIAL ECONOMY is how MDKW and partners are changing the industry. We pair enterprises with sustainable project partners to target sustainability specifically at different points within the value chain. Areas include:

  • Sustainable Design Thinking
  • Water Management
  • Textile up-cycling and sorting
  • Waste Management
  • (e-commerce) Logistic and Packing partners

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OUR AIM IS TO ACCELERATE THE SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT OF LEADERS in making measurable progress to achieve sustainability: in operations, process management and in the Triple-Bottom-Line impact.

We help leaders achieve think in new creative ways to accelerate innovation, collaboration and effectivity. Through training and coaching, leaders are equipped with business acumen and guided to develop insightful strategies to integrate sustainability into the current business, throughout the enterprise.

What does a leader get out of the programme?

  • Impact & Sustainability leadership programme certificate
  • A programme that combines industry development updates with newly gained business skills
  • Development of professional sustainability leadership skills
  • A management network of other professionals who are making progress and are successful in the sustainable business community

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